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^^ The ".." thingie is called an "umlaut" and German-speaking people pronounce the vowel over which it sits as the vowel sound WITH an "eee" sound. Kinda hard to describe. Much easier to understand when you hear it done.


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Thanks for your imput.

Ref/cat/Dino-sourceSee also: Metal umlaut
The umlaut diacritic can be used in "sensational spellings" or foreign branding, for example in advertising, or for other special effects. Häagen-Dazs is an example of such usage.

As the German short /a/ is more open than the equivalent sound in English (/ę/), Germans sometimes use the diacritic <ä> to imitate the English sound in writing, giving an English "feel" to words used in advertising; in a McDonald's restaurant in Germany one can buy a "Big Mäc".

Since the letter ü is very common in Turkish, its inappropriate use can make a text in another language look "turkified", a purely visual mimicry. Because of the large number of Turks living in Germany, this again is a phenomenon familiar in German. The Turkish-German satirist Osman Engin, for example, wrote a book entitled Dütschlünd, Dütschlünd übür üllüs - the opening line of the first stanza from Das Lied der Deutschen, but turkified.

In the heavy metal scene, the umlaut diacritic can frequently be observed as a mere decoration (with no significance for the pronunciation) on the names of bands such as Blue Öyster Cult, Motörhead, Mötley Crüe, Mägo de Oz, Queensr˙che, or Leftöver Crack. The group Spın̈al Tap places an umlaut over the <n>. A self-referential example is the Finnish group Ümlaut.

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Apr 2010
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Hedges & Sons Brewery...kinda self explanatory as to why. However, the best part is that the boys are 5 and 2. I'm working on making them the Tiger Woodses of brewing (not sure if you can hit up the porn stars with this hobby, though). If nothing else, they'll be the coolest kids in high school.

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Ball n' Chain Brewery because I only brew when the SWMBO gives me just enough slack to get out in the garage. And because my middle name is "Chayne" and that's what I go by (family name, thanks Mom). When I tell folks my name they look at me all weird and say "Your name is what?" so I tell them "Like Ball and Chain".

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Apr 2009
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Originally Posted by misterVT View Post
Ball n' Chain Brewery because I only brew when the SWMBO gives me just enough slack to get out in the garage. And because my middle name is "Chayne" and that's what I go by (family name, thanks Mom). When I tell folks my name they look at me all weird and say "Your name is what?" so I tell them "Like Ball and Chain".
I like it. Your logo is pretty cool too.

Gotta relate a funny story. When I decided I was going to get seriously into making wine I built a room in one end of the basement to set aside as my winery. When my wife learned my plans she wasn't very happy. We had one of those couples debates you hear tell of which came down to the ultimatum, "It's me or the winery". So I went upstairs and started to pack. When my wife came in the bedroom she said, "I didn't mean you had to leave." I said, "This isn't for me."

Before you get all sideways on me I will tell you that my wife is now a very active partner in my winery. For the record I have a great SWMBO and sometimes she gets her way. I guess my heart just goes out to those guys whose wives give them grief about chasing their dream.
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Nov 2008
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We got my son a dog for his 10th birthday, Pembroke Corgie, eventually Pembrokefarmsbrewery was born.

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Jun 2010
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I have lived in So Cal my whole life so it seemed appropriate due to the amount of earthquakes we have.

Tremor Brew Company

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Nov 2009
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Barrier Island Brewing (located on a barrier island)
Projects: My Keezer - My Brutus 10

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Jun 2010
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G.O.A.T.'s Brews (I've got a friend at my art school working on the logo right now)

I started up a shop a while back where I sold a bunch really random things that me and the SWMBO make. We're both into a lot of random things and the shop started carrying everything from gaming supplies, to chainmail jewelry, to custom engraving, to furniture all with a bit of a geeky feel to it so we renamed the shop "Geek of all Trades." When I got into brewing I just decided to stick with the name since I'm planning to open a SteamPunk themed bar after I graduate so this is really just one more facet of my geekery.

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Oct 2009
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Abominable Snowman Brewing
Last names is Snow so I go by snowman at work and abominable was added cause I think its cool.
Abominable Snowman Brewing

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