Balancing Lactic Acid in Sour Beers

Few things are as satisfying as tasting a newly opened homebrew and having it meet your expectations. Even more satisfying is when that beer is from the somewhat unpredictable realm of sour beers. Not all sour beers have to be left up to chance in order to achieve predictable results however, especially when trying to… Read more »

Brewing Entrepreneurs – Kenny Sabine

Kenny Sabine was always one to have a hobby or something going on in his spare time. In 2008, he found himself idling, and his daughter noticed. Since he was a lover of craft beer, and had been for many years, she thought a homebrew kit might be a good hobby. So she bought a… Read more »

Fermentation Chiller Systems and Findings

Until recently, if you wanted to homebrew lagers, you either needed a giant cave under your house, or you had an additional fridge/freezer of some sort, with a controller to switch the power on/off based on the beer temperature. For those that were used to “Throw it in a bucket in your basement and let… Read more »

Sour Beer Do’s and Dont’s

Few things get a beer geek ready to talk your ear off than name-dropping a sour beer or two. Sour beers are more of a distinct continent on Planet Beer than a style as there are many styles of sour and/or wild ales.  It’s a world countless homebrewers want to dive into, but also one… Read more »

An Introduction to Doing a Cereal Mash

Many all-grain brewers seem to be put off when anything beyond a single infusion comes up in a recipe. Terms like “triple decoction” conjure up images of steampunk laboratories, mad scientists, and hump-backed henchman. Cereal mashing seems to get the same response, which is understandable as just about every article on the subject is filled with diastatic calculations,… Read more »

New or Used Fridge for a Fermentation Chamber?

I should probably begin with where I brew, as I believe this has played a huge role in my process. I live and brew in south Mississippi. Our 95 degree heat in the summer provides another challenge in the process of fermenting. I know what you are thinking, “Just put the fermenter in the cool… Read more »

Studying for the BJCP Exam

So you want to become a beer judge? Good for you! Not only will you be helping yourself by expanding your knowledge of beer, brewing and sensory evaluation but you’ll be helping others improve their brewing as well. An admirable goal! But how do you go about becoming a beer judge? You must first pass… Read more »

Homebrew Talk is Hiring : Back-End Developer

Homebrew Talk is seeking a back-end developer who is passionate about joining a team dedicated to all things homebrewing and winemaking. Responsibilities Develop, manage and execute a WIDE variety of complex PHP/MySQL/JS/CSS development projects. A wide variety is a key attribute here. Assist front-end developer in executing/implementing concepts and projects. Assist in the management of… Read more »

DIY Stir Plate Build

As many home brewers have no doubt experienced, yeast can be one of the more difficult variables to control in the brewing process. Much like an impressionable youngster, yeast requires just the right conditions in order to thrive and therefore become successful in its efforts to produce something of value. There are many environmental factors… Read more »

Enter the Spike Brewing Kettle Giveaway! is running another awesome giveaway to the homebrewing community. This time, they’re giving away this bad boy. A Spike Brewing 10 Gallon Kettle with Ball Valve and Thermometer About the kettle, and Spike Brewing: Spike Brewing has revolutionized the world of brewing with their top-of-the-line brew kettles. Made from the best 304 stainless steel,… Read more »