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Brew & A: Gratus Fermentatio
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Brew & A is back by popular demand! We never intended to stop writing it, other things came up. Important things. Beer things. But...
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How to Choose a Home Wine Fridge
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When people get serious about wine, they often purchase a refrigerator or cooler dedicated solely to wine. A wine fridge can keep...
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  Hi, I'm a recent Microbiology and Biochemistry graduate and have started to set up a website on the science of brewing.
  Hey man! I've no idea what the intent of your username, but I just wanted to ask and to let you know I think it's pretty cool (at least what I take it to mean). My dad was a police officer for a while before moving into the federal sector, and I always heard the term 'the thin blue line,' of which your username reminds me. Am I correct in thinking there's a deliberate pun connection there? I'm really new to brewing, but I'm actually working on coming up with a commemorative beer recipe for LEOs and was planning to name it 'The Thin Brew Line' so when I saw your name I had to give you a story for the story basket. Skillafizer...

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