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Brew & A: Mike "Stauffbier" Stauffer
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Why are there so many Texas homebrewers? Home to a significant amount of our community, a couple of the admins included, Texas pro...
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DIY add on for HERMS Brewing Rig
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Here's a tale of wort aeration/oxygenation and HERMS build for you. I first started brewing beer using canned syrup in tin cans. I...
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  I am now a reborn brewer mainly of Basic Imperial IPAs. I am learning the new gotchas as I go. I have a kegerator and CO2 apparatus plus the means of creating a wort. As I could never get beer stored in a growler to stay carbonated I now only use them to store what I cannot get into a 5 gallon Corny. First problem encounterd required the purchase of a better propane stove after my discovery that a turkey/fish fryer had too concentrated heat hence burned the barley syrup on the bottom of my 24 quart kettle. This first run is now in my Corny in my freezerator ready for a Xmas sampling. After having bought a used Kegerator I intended to use it while I waited on my first home brew to mature. So I bought one then a second commericial Pony Keg (Kabach's Rodeo Clown and next Clown Shoes Snow Cake). I had bought the required Sanke D coupler from our local Brewers shop downtown Houston (DeFalcos) but not all their crew are equally expert. The Sanke D did not have the large black rubber grommet installed. Without I was loosing pressure all the time out of the keg. I knew I was loosing gas but from where? I had believed that I was winning by turning off the valve on the CO2 bottle each time but all the gas I had injected into the keg was disappearing. Problem solved once a senior member of the DeFalco crew saw what I had. I will also give my two Party Pig kegs another try. This time I added a line from the three ported brass manifold delivering the CO2 in order to pressurize the Pig and activate its pouch. By doing this I cut back on the amount of priming sugar hoping the extended exposure to CO2 will supply better carbonation without adding more trub to make the beer cloudy ( a previous problem). A question I will ask here is how can one open a Pony Keg??? Having opened it does it require special equipment to clean and then refill it with a homebrew?...
  hey man....welcome to the addiction. Had to message you, love what you did with the SXS..... would love to come take a look at it. The Bengals glass caught my eye! I'm in the Mariemont/Indian Hill area. Where are you at? Have you joined up with Bloatarian League home brew club out of Listermans, or the one over on Beechmont with Paradise? I've been doing this a couple years, but life gets in the way so I'm not nearly as far as kegging yet, even though I do have 3 kegs just waiting to be

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