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  @Brewinglikewoah Yeah the thread started weaving away from my original posts. Here's the recipe I thought was the closest to the real beer. However, I used Wyeast Forbidden Fruit, which was too fruity compared to TK. My first round I used Belgian Ardennes. That too wasn't quite right and took a long aging process to get good. If I were to do this again I would try using both yeasts in the primary. TK is bottle fermented with a different yeast strain than primary so they do use two yeasts. The question is which ones. They also use three grains, both raw and kilned. That's the base of my recipe. Good luck! 5.5G Batch OG 1.079 FG 1.015 ABV: 8.53% SRM: 4.1 IBU: 23.2 Mash Temp: 154 Mash Time: 90 Minutes Boil Time: 90 Minutes Fermentation Temp: 75 Degrees for 3 Weeks, Secondary 56 Degrees for 2 Months (temp of my basement) 8.75LBs Pilsner 2LBs Wheat Malt 2LBs Flaked Wheat .25LBs Flaked Oats .25LBs Oat Malt .25LBs Flaked Barley 1.5LBs Sugar (FO) .5oz Styrian Goldings (90) .5oz Styrian Goldings (45) 1oz Saaz (15) 1oz Saaz (5) 1.5oz Fresh Orange Zest (5) .5oz Crushed Coriander (5) 2 Star Anise (5)...
  Time of contemporary mirrors, for more details see here: [url=][/url]...