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Getting Creative: 8 Steps to Designing a Unique Brew
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In my evolution as a brewer, the most difficult thing for me to learn has been how to design a solid recipe. It is an ongoing proc...
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Brewing With The Seasons
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A few years ago in the last golden days of a late English summer I brewed up a clone of the Dark Star Brewery's lovely Festival Al...
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  Whenever I am looking for ideas on automating my home brewing process your name pops up in the forum! It appears you have taken the home brewing hobby to a whole new level. I am contacting you because I noticed you use a Siemens LOGO for some of the process. My work field uses those but the programs are already written. I am new to the PLC programming but familiar with the Siemens LOGO, S7300 and using LOGOsoft and Step 7. I am curious if you are willing to share any of your programs associated with the chilling and fermenting processes. I could most likely figure it out with time but if you would be willing to share or point me in the right direction on brewing specific logic programming literature it would be appreciated. John...
  accidentally froze my brett plantum and lacto vials. will i still be able to start cultures of my own from them after freezing?...