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What about a collie? They come in medium to medium large size. Smart. Trainable. Energetic. Like the outdoors. Friendly and loyal. They watch out around themselves and their people pretty good.

Oh. And say hi to your sister for me.
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I vote for German Shepherd. Smart, loyal, trainable dogs. And a well trained GS will make anyone think twice about messing with your sister.
Whatever breed she decides, there should be lots of research into the dog's line to make sure it's likely to be as healthy as possible with a good temperament.
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Just got a rotty puppy. Definitely have to be assertive with him. I'd recommend a female as they are supposedly easier to train.
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I'd go for the shepard, but would prefer a mix. I know its not on the list, but a full size poodle is an amazing dog. If I can overcome the haircut, that will be my next dog (although none of my dogs are ever planned...I sound like my dad [sigh]).

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Doberman would be my first choice of those. Sweetest dogs ever!

What about getting a rescue mutt instead of a purebreed? Shelters are filled with big dogs that they have to put down because no one wants a large breed these days.

My brother adopted a boxer pitbull mix that was an abused fighter. She was a few years old then. Best dog ive ever met.

Worth a thought.

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Feb 2012
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I am a vet so take this for what its worth. All of the dog breeds you mentioned are notorious for their genetic issues. Boxers/GSD/Rottie are all know for for developing cancer. I call boxers cancer factories....its not if but when they develop a tumor. Dobermans are know for bleeding disorders, heart conditions and to some extent cancer too. With GSD you also worry about arthritis/hip issues. Temperment wise I would go best to worst Boxer, Dobie, Rottie/GSD. I don't trust a GSD as far as I can throw one. Honestly if she is dead set on one of the 4 breeds you list then I would lean Dobie or Boxer for temperment and health issues. If you have any questions or want more info I would be more than happy to help.

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I've grown up with them my whole life. Breed and trained. Best dogs ever. They were rated the best dog around at one point, if not still, because they're number 2 in every test they had. Smart, loving, protective, easy to train, fluffy, love to play. Also they love brewing beer!

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Any pure breed is going to have genetic issues. Find a great breader and they can be minimized. Check the local shelters for a mix with one of the dogs she likes. Had a boxer who died of heart issues. Got a border collie mix and a australian Shepard mix now. Both great dogs

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None of the above. All those breed are great dogs. I camp, cycle and hike. I live in Utah so a bit of a coat on a dog is a good thing. I want a dog I can take on a trail or in a camp-groud, believe it or not there are some restrictions. I also want a dog I can physically pick-up. I have 2 dogs. A German Shorthair-Lab mix and a German Shorthair-Newfoundland mix. Excellent smart dogs. Newfie to big to pick-up. German SH is a great breed, high energy and extremely smart, I like the Short Hair mix.
If you own a home make sure there are no insurance issues with the German Shepard and Rottie. A friend of Mine is a foster for Rotties she has a lot of knowledge.

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Feb 2012
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Check out petfinder there are tons of dogs on there that need rescuing and since you have a perfect idea of what you want you should be able to find the exact dog for your sister

We got an awesome dog from down south through petfinder.
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