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Dec 2012
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My grandma used to make a drink called "cherry bounce" that my dad raved about. Alas, they are both dead and all i can remember is that my dad said grandma would just use cherrys and let them sit in a big jar. Can that be true?

They did live in northern Michigan where the Cherry Festival is held every June. Traverse city is know for tart cherrys but i don't know if that is what she used? (fyi- my heart was broken a few years ago when i found out the traverse city cherry festival uses washington sweet cherrys. what bs!!!!!! the tart cherrys dont ripen until late summer, i guess).

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Jan 2012
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It is posible that she could have had a bunch of cherries and just left them open for a nutural fermentation. That process is usually really hard to duplicate since natural yeasts come in thousands of verieties. Here is a recipe off of Jack Kellers sight that might be glose to what your grandmonther did:

8 lbs Cherries
2-1/2 lbs sugar
1/2 tsp tannin
1 tsp pectic enzyme
7-1/4 pts water
1 tsp yeast nutrient
Port wine yeast
Bring water to boil. Meanwhile, destem, wash and crush the cherries in the primary without breaking any stones. Pour sugar over cherries. Pour the boilling water over the sugar and cherries and stir well to dissolve. Cover and set aside until cool. Add remaining ingredients and ferment 5 days. Strain juice into dark secondary and discard pulp and stones. Rack after 30 days and again when wine clears. After two additional months rack into bottles and store in dark place.
That recipe makes a dry wine. You might could use a bread yeast or an Ale yeast that has a really low alcohol tolerance to mimick what her wild yeasts may have done.
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A google search turns up lots of recipes, which seem to primarily be cherries and sugar soaked in alcohol.
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There was a long thread about something similar, perhaps on, but several just filled glass jar with layers of fresh/dried cherries and sugar and allowed this to spontaneously ferment and at some point fortifying with high proof alcohol. Others allowed spontaneous ferment and cold crashed, etc. I make fruit cordials every year by simply filling a glass jar with layers of dried fruit and sugar, allow to macerate for 5-7 days, stirting twice a day and then topping up with pure grain or vodka.
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