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Mar 2007
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I'm reading Dave Miller's homebrew guide and in the forward he mentions that some major beer manufacturer had an ad that took a jab at homebrewing...he cites it as great recognition of the trend. Anyone know who did this? What the ad was like??

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I havent heard about that yet, and hope its not true.

Im just glad we have breweries like Sam Adams and others who sponsor homebrew contests, and help homebrewers secure their place in history and the future.

The BMC companies will always have hundreds of thousands (if not more) of loyal fans, so why the heck should they worry?
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I think it just galls BMC that people are willing to pay 3-4 times as much for craft ales. Considering Miller's book was published in 1995, who knows?
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Henry Weinhard's had a television add a few years back that did this. I would imagine that this is the add he is referring to. A group of guys are gathered together in their buddy's garage standing around a carboy. They all have mis-matched glasses of this guy's very cloudy looking "homebrew". One of the guys says (and I'm paraphrasing) "you brewed this yourself" the other guy says "yea" they all take a drink. One guy is picking hops (or bits of something) out of his mouth, they look around at each other and say "anyone want a Henrys?" they all agree that Henrys is the proper choice and walk off camera. End of commercial.

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LMAO please someone find that commercial on YouTube
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I'm pretty sure he was referring to A-B. I remember one commercial that had a couple of hipsters trying some imports in a bar and they were turned off by the flavors (must've been old, skunky stuff). Like these guys would want to drink the stuff from St. Louis? Based on that, I would say it wouldn't be above A-B to produce a commercial mocking homebrew.

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wouldn't make sense to me. didn't ab and the others buy out their share of local brews to have a corner in the niche market?
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Bah. If someone is gullible enough to be swayed by a damned commercial, then they don't deserve one of my tasty homebrews any damned way. Enjoy your tasteless swill, chumps...more good stuff for me.
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anyone remember that 3's Company episode where Mr Roper makes his own brew and "filtered" it through Mrs Ropers pantyhose? makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.
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Originally Posted by Pumbaa
anyone remember that 3's Company episode where Mr Roper makes his own brew and "filtered" it through Mrs Ropers pantyhose? makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.
Sure that he wasn't using those to pitch some yeast?
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