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Oct 2007
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Keep in mind that many of the posts in the forums you mentioned are "Is my beer infected" posts that usually are not infections rather than "My beer is infected" posts. Usually everything is OK.

You are going to notice the same worry over stuck sparges, but to a lesser degree if you decide to go all grain.

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Jan 2009
Southern Indiana
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The only possible infection I've had so far was from a hopped dark bitter kit that I brought over when I moved from england 20 years ago. I found it in the garage and thought it was worth a shot. Turned out sour and each bottle shot a 10 inch high fountain. Did make a good shandy least for 20yr old malt!

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Oct 2008
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Ive done about 10 batches so far.

My second one went bad. As stupid as this sounds, before I added the priming sugar to my bottling bucket, I let it cool in the pot in my fridge. There is probably more bacteria in my fridge than anywhere else.

But I think as long as you don't do stupid stuff like that, you'll be fine.

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Dec 2008
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One bottle in three years. After opening, it proceeded to empty itself all over the counter. Yeast pretty much overpowers most bacterial infections. Even casual attention to cleanliness is adequate.


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Oct 2005
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Had three infections the first two years, not one in the last five.
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Not one infection to date for me...
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Dec 2008
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Two infections that were easily identified by mistakes in my process or just stupid drunkeness.

First was not properly sanitizing the drain on my bottling bucket (duh.)
Second was drunk and fiddling with the airlock and I dropped the grommet into the wort. (Then fiddled about trying to get it out).

Since then I've moved to glass carboys and kegs and haven't had any problem. I think it did me a favor because now I'm all OCD about sanitizing.

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Old 03-27-2009, 03:50 PM   #18
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Nov 2007
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I've had one infected batch (A Mr. Beer recipe - go figure). I usually end up with one or two bottles per batch that seem to have something going on with them, but for the most part, they still taste ok.

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May 2008
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I have had 1, using packages of store bought frozen raspberries. It was just a thin white film in the carboy and in the bottlenecks. After a few days in the fridge the film dropped and they tasted fine. Next time I will pasteurize any fruit at home even though it says pasteurized on the packages to be sure.

Two lessons from one batch . Always pasteurize fruit and infections don't mean the end of a good batch.
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Originally Posted by llazy_llama View Post
Zero infections so far. I'm keeping that record going for as long as possible, too.
ditto. other problems have arisen but I have yet to have an infection.

and this spans clear back to my first batch of mead at age 17, which wasn't sanitized one bit. 14 years no infections.
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