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Matt Up North
Jul 2008
Santa Rosa, CA
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I plan less than a month in advance. In January I planned on making a stout, then the next week I figured that a blackberry beer would taste good, then in February I was offered some Trappist yeast and made a brew up the next week, a stout the week prior and an IPA that I found out I would make on Saturday the wednesday before. So all in I have four kegs that I am working on drinking, 10 gallons of the Belgian Barleywine and then 10 gallons of IPA fermenting.

It doesn't take time, it does however take supplies. If I have the supplies, then I brew! That IPA though cost me a small fortune in time and money. Not too many of those will be gracing my taps soon.
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Dec 2007
Eldersburg, MD
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I have a "brew to do" list of at least 20 various beers, meads, and cider/wines A good amount of that list are simply styles that I want to try brewing, not a specific brew or recepie (yet.) Currently, I have the supplies for the two pale ales in my sig, and the raspberry mead- most of which I hope to start this weekend or soon thereafter.

The list would be longer if I had a good way to lager- I'll probably be getting a cheap fridge to convert later this year. I could probably use some more carboys too
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david_42's Avatar
Oct 2005
Oak Grove, Oregon, USA
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Most of my brews take 4-6 mouths to peak, so that's the timeline. Meads, I just make whenever I feel like it. If I run out, it doesn't matter. Ciders I only do in the Fall.
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Oct 2006
Hayden, Idaho
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I just decided what I wanted to brew this weekend two days ago. Did the recipes last night and I'll be going to the LHBS today to pick everything up. Very little long range planning for me right now.
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dontman's Avatar
Oct 2008
Philly, PA
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Originally Posted by david_42 View Post
Most of my brews take 4-6 mouths to peak, so that's the timeline. Meads, I just make whenever I feel like it. If I run out, it doesn't matter. Ciders I only do in the Fall.
I'm with you on this. I have a year's worth of supplies in stock to brew pretty much any style beer I want.

But I definitely have to plan far ahead so that I have a particular style hitting perfection right when it is neeeded.

Example, I need some beers ready for a party in mid April. I have brewed one and will brew the other tomorrow. But I would be out of luck if I wanted a lager or a big beer for that party. I would have had to brew those a month or two ago at least.
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Oct 2006
Indianapolis, IN, Indiana
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I like to keep 3 fermentors (prim or sec) full - so as soon as I drop below that level a plan a brew for the upcoming weekend. I keep bulk grains and hops at hand, and resuse my yeast. So really all I need to do is plan a starter from my yeast bank a couple days beforehand in order to brew.

Specific target dates (like parties and events) that NEED beer, I will plan a special brewing session 6-8 weeks in advance.
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bluehouse's Avatar
Jan 2009
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everyone is giving me great view points on this issue. thanks for all the tips.

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Feb 2007
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I have an up next folder in Beersmith. In there are recipes I hope to make in the near future. The range from something I plan to make this weekend to something I hope to make at some point. I don't brew to fill a pipeline but to my mood and tastes. This usually keeps me with a good supply.
However I am not a heavy consumer and I like a lot of variety so having at least some bottles of a number of batches available is ideal for me. Also I keep a supply of brewing ingredients on hand, so i can usually make what I want from ingredients on hand.

So some batches I may have planned for weeks to months in advance, others may be planned the day I brew. Depends on my mood.


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More Humann than human
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Oct 2008
the sun
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I am new to all of this, but I am starting to plan pretty far ahead. I stocked up on specialty grains the other week, I have a good selection of hops, I have 2 beers fermenting, one is for next winter and the other will be a lager for summer. I also have everything I need for my next 3 brews.

I will try to space things out so that I always have what the season calls for such as my RIS for next winter that is fermenting now and a light lager for summer.

I will do some very light 4-5% beers that will be drinkable quickly in the next week so I have something a little lighter than my current stock too.

I plan to try a porter or 2 recipes each winter, starting next winter until I find the best clone of Bert Grants Perfect Porter. Then when spring rolls around it is time to brew up the more refreshing beers.

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