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Aug 27, 2005
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Wine Maker Online © 2005 is an easy to use software program that keeps track of all aspects of winemaking based on a recipe which you assign to each new
batch of wine you start.

Use an existing winemaking recipe or create your own personal recipes.

Wine Maker Online (or WMO) can store up to 999 different winemaking recipes.

A unique auto generated Batch I.D. number is created for each new batch of wine that you start in Wine Maker Online.

Download a full working version of to the WMO for Free.

Or visit our webiste http://www.winetutor.ca/

For anyone that downloaded Wine Maker Online before 5:00 PM EST
on Sunday August 28/05 you may experience a path run time error when
you go to run the software. This was an error on my part and it has been corrected. Please re download and re install the software to correct this minor boo boo that I created. Thanks..... Richard