will amylase enzyme lower fg for simple extract recipe?

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okay. seems like it has stopped bubbling yesterday and fg is at 1.004
since this has never happened to me (i am new, and do only extract) i will attribute the low fg to the amylase enzyme doing its job.

I will let the beer have another week in primary before bottling. however I am sure I am basically done.

will update on final beer. This is a dry hopped carlsberg (with us-05 yeast)
this is probably one of the best beers I ever had. I think it will be my first uploaded recipe, as even though its green its amazing. Will obviously wait until the bottles are properly conditioned.

to finish this thread and answer the post: I got to 88% attenuation with us-05, working with alpha amylase and using extra light dme and some steeping grains.

its more attenuation than I ever got, so i assume its the amylase.

thank you guys for all the answers