Wheat in Secondary, Cascading?

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Jan 7, 2008
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Albany, NY
Ok here's a funny thing...

I've had my wheat beer in it's Secondary for about 2 weeks now. The gravity has stabilized at about 1.018 or so and my plan was to bottle it today. However, when I moved the carboy up to the kitchen to get ready to bottle, I got what looked like activity restarted with the yeast.

Basically what's happening is, small C02 bubbles are rising from the layer of yeast sediment at the bottom and bringing little globules of yeast/trub/sediment with them which then falls back to the bottom after shedding the bubble at the top.

Some more backstory, this is from a True Brew American Wheat kit using Muntons Ale Yeast. It's been sitting at about 64 degrees for 2.5-3 weeks.

Should I be worried about those globules?
Should I leave it for a little longer in the Secondary or just go ahead and bottle?

I kinda wanna free up my carboy so I can start some EdWort's Apfelwein.
1. fermentation (and gravity) should be finished in primary, before you ever rack to secondary. i.e. the gravity should be stable and at or near the expected final gravity in primary, for three days, before you rack to secondary.

2. that said, 1.018 seems high for a wheat beer, and I suspect you racked prematurely and stalled your fermentation.

3. the fact that a finished beer will release CO2 out of solution is why you must go off hydrometer readings and not bubbles/airlock activity to determine when its ready to rack and when its time to bottle.

so, what was the original gravity on this brew?