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Mar 12, 2007
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A recipe I working on needs unmalted wheat. The LHBS was out and the local health food stores only had wheat bran. The only information that I could find said that "Bran is particularly rich in dietary fiber, and contains significant quantities of starch, protein . . . " Where does malting fit into bran? Is bran useful in the brewing process?
Sorry for the self serving bump, but I'm about to start the mash. The unmalted wheat is not a necessity for this recipe, but it would be nice to know if the wheat bran would work?
No, wheat bran is just the outer layers of the grain and is heavy in oils and protein. Shredded wheat without salt or sugar would be better.
Wheat bran? The oil will hurt head retention and unless it is very fresh, can add a rancid flavor.
I use cracked wheat from the health food store in my wild ales, but I would not use wheat bran.

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