What temp do you like your suds?

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Dec 27, 2007
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St. Louis
Unless your from Europe you keep your beer cold. But how cold?

When I started drinking the brew I liked it as cold as possible. But now I know that numbs the taste buds and hides the true flavors and complexes of the beer. So now I keep the fridge at about 48-50F degrees.
I guess by telling you have an ICE COLD Bud,Coors, Miller GD the makers of BMC like to keep you in the dark on the true flavor of the brew.

If there is any!
Due to foaming problems with kegerator I pour commercial beer @ 38-40f, but let it sit for a minute until it reaches at least 44, much tastier. hopefully homebrews will be the same, i'll let you know in 2 weeks.:mug:
I'm a bottler, so they always come out of the fridge good and cold, but they're always just right about 1/4-1/2 way through.
To keep down mold and mildew, I keep the keezer at 38F. That's too cold, though, so my first sips usually are not my favorite. If I know beer time is coming, though, I'll bring that temperature up to 45F in advance. That works pretty well for the draught system.

Bottled beer comes out and sits on the counter for 15 minutes or so before opening. I actually go by the feel of the bottle on that.

kegerator holds 37.5. lighter beers get a frosty glass to keep the temp low and the taste crisp. heartier beers get a room temp glass to accentuate the flavours.
Keggerator is at 40F and pours about 42ish. Depending on style I might let it warm for a minute or two before drinking.
38-42 F for me. As others have said, it keeps the mold away and the beer stable, and I can let it warm when the style calls for it. I'm a sipper anyway.
I too am usually in the 50 degree F range.

However, the other day I drank one of my Brown Ales right from room temperature. It was still completely awesome.