What can I brew with these grains...?

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Awnry Abe

Feb 3, 2022
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Is there a tool, app, database, or other weapon in our arsenal that I can tell "I have these grains, what can I make?" Several weeks ago, the wife was perusing her favorite wine supply website and noticed they had free shipping on homebrew grains. I grabbed the mouse and threw some rando 10lb bags in the cart, hoping they would be mildly useful. A huge snowstorm delayed the shipment, and I forgot all about what I had up my sleeve. So I wonder what I can do with them? I'll run down to the brew room after posting to get a list...


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Mar 8, 2006
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Just north of the middle of the mitten
It will be neat to see what you have and where this rabbit hole will lead. But I would ask this; WHY does it have to be a specific style of anything? Are the beer police watching you and making sure you rigidly follow the appropriate guidelines. If you know what flavor profiles the grains possess, there is nothing in my opinion to keep you from mashing up whatever you think might be tasty - color outside the lines a bit! That's how good things get invented.