large bag of mixed grain from homebrew shop. what can i brew with it?

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Apr 30, 2017
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So I ordered grain for a nut brown and some extra specialty grain and didn't tell the homebrew shop to keep it separate when i placed the order online.
100% my fault.

that said, what I have is a bag with these milled grains and their denominations.

Pale Ale Base Grain Malt - 12 lb
Caramel (Crystal) 80L Specialty Grain - 1lb
Carapils Specialty Grain Malt - 1lb
Roasted Barley Specialty Grain - 8oz

Grains I have available:
pale malt
1lb of Choc. malt
4 oz black patent
4 oz special B
lb of lactose.

my gut says to make a stout with it and add the choc malt.

Any other ideas?
i feel I'm pretty much limited to what i can do since it's all mixed together.

Add a 2-1/2 lb cannister Quaker quick oats. Maybe the already mentioned lactose, too. I would think about a half pound of the chocolate but the whole pound might be a smidgeon on the extreme side. Then again, is there really anything wrong with extreme? It will be a big ol' beer. You already have 14-1/2 lbs in your mixed bag. You are looking at 18 lbs of fermentables, plus the lactose. It's gonna be a very nutritious drink, that's for sure. You can almost bake it and slice it.

Just for fun, try a pound or pound and a half of raspberry syrup, maybe? Or frozen raspberries in the boil? Tis the season to get plastered. And raspberries... oh, shades of Kwak! Yum! Now, I got to try it!
Adding the chocolate malt and the special B would give it the flavor of an RIS and you could add enough base malt to get to your desired gravity.