Weird situation, fuzzy mold that disappeared? Self-healing SCOBY?

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Diane Sidener

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Apr 3, 2019
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After a family crisis situation that lasted for some months, my continuous-brew kombucha molded badly and had to be tossed. I cleaned the vessel thoroughly but didn't think to wash the cover to destroy the mold spores there, and my next batch started to grow whiskers. It looked like early mold to me, and my housemate agreed, so I figured I was back to square one. I removed the cover and threw a large plate over the vessel until I could deal with it, but again life intervened and it went some weeks. When I saw fruit flies a couple of days ago I took the plate off--and there was a healthy looking SCOBY. I pH tested it, and it's not quite done so I plugged the seed mat heater back in. To verify the pH I tasted the teaspoon or two I'd drawn off, and it tasted fine. (I cleaned out the fruit flies, too.) As I have a sensitive gut I'm very cautiously trying out small quantities, but it seems fine, if not yet acid enough. So my question is, have you seen a brew right itself? Mold disappear? Any thoughts appreciated!