mold on scoby

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  1. MDMD

    Does this baby SCOBY look normal?

    Hey Ya'll, I decided last week to pick up a new hobby of fermenting Kombucha at home, but given my excitement decided that instead of ordering a SCOBY I'd just make my own in a couple weeks. Anyways, here are a couple pictures of my current scoby after 5 days. Please let me know where I...
  2. F

    Help! what are these scary looking dots on my scoby/baby?

    Last batch, we had a small dot of mold. It was about ~3/8" diameter, perfectly round like from a petri dish, right on top of the fully-formed / mature scoby. We couldn't see anything else similar. We carefully removed it, and waited several more weeks to see if anything else bad grew...
  3. Diane Sidener

    Weird situation, fuzzy mold that disappeared? Self-healing SCOBY?

    After a family crisis situation that lasted for some months, my continuous-brew kombucha molded badly and had to be tossed. I cleaned the vessel thoroughly but didn't think to wash the cover to destroy the mold spores there, and my next batch started to grow whiskers. It looked like early mold...
  4. The Bouch

    Kombucha mold?

    This dark looking stuff is imbedded in the scoby, is not furry, and smells normal. Side view looks normal. However, the dark area was dry when I initially touched it and I’ve never encountered anything that LOOKED like this. Is it mold? P.S. I started growing this scoby from scratch using store...
  5. N

    Mold on Surface?

    Hi folks, I have had a gallon of kombucha brewing over the last 10 days and a new scoby is beginning to form on top. It looks a little as though there is a bluish mold on top. Could anyone enlighten me as to whether (i) this is part of the process and (ii) what exactly is happening. Photos...