Using Munich Danstar and LME/DME, 18 hours, no signs of ferment... worry?

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Feb 26, 2009
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Royal Oak, Michigan
We pitched last night at around 11PM. It's about 7:00PM. No signs yet of fermentation. We're using 4Lb of Alexander LME, and 3 pds of DME. Used Danstar's Munich which I heard was very quick and fast.
Got it the same day at a brew store - so I'm a bit surprised. The yeast didn't foam that much when we first hydrated it.
It's cool in the basement - but not that cool - and I understand that this yeast works even at low temps (17c).. so what is a reasonable length of time before I start adding more yeast... or should I even do that?


took a gravity reading... same as SG - very close anyway.. 1.06 to 1.055 - may be temp and bubbles that justify the difference.

I suspect my temperature is low - 59 degrees in the liquid and my yeast didnt seem very active (what should I have expected from MUNICH danstar?)

so I'm getting worried now'
ah.. yes. I searched the forum but didnt find this most useful post. My main source of concern stems from the reports of that yeast being a fast start and even at low temperatures.
I will do a few of the basics based on the thread - check the lid, check the temperature, raise it off the ground and ceremonially drink a few beers in the vicinity of the fermenting bucket.

The yeast was pitched at 70 degrees, pretty much textbook. The SG was 1.06 and i did get the yeast started in water... I saw the yeasts seem to go down to the bottom of the glass but there wasn't the usual foamyness I'm used to (from cysers/ciders etc).

It's been almost a decade since i've done beer - so im back to noob status.

Nice G3 BTW.

For any of those interested... that turned out to be about the best brew I've made in the last 5 batches.. how screwy is that.. i'm actually starting to wonder if the delayed brew and the second yeast addition made a difference

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