Using California Common Lager Yeast

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The Mad Zymurgist
May 23, 2017
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Hermosa Beach
So, most of you probably know of Mangrove Jack California Lager yeast. A yeast that will ferment at 70 degrees or less (in general) and is in the style of a dry ale yeast, but it makes lagers. SOOOOOO, in my infinite wisdom (or insanity, take your pick) I have decided to use it in the most EXTREME tests to see if it is deserving of the title, LAGER YEAST.

So, I have brewed a Dopplebock and an American pilsner to see what happens. I also have the real deal (bottled Dopplebock and American Pilsner) to compare when both beers finish. They are fermenting at about 65 degrees in my garage with no cooling apparatus of any kind. I live in California, so the weather this time of year has been quite generous for this type of yeast and I want to see if I can do it without any kind of AC or cooling equipment. Perhaps this is the future of lager! (probably not, but who knows, **** happens when you party naked). ;)