Unfermentables in AG Recipe

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Mar 5, 2007
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Western PA
Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

OG l.062
FG 1.030

7# Pale malt
1# Chocolate malt
1#Flaked Oats
1#Victory Malt
0.50#Caramel 40L
0.50#Caramel 80L
0.50# Roasted Barley

Late Addition: at 50 Min'
8oz Lactose
8oz Unsweetened Cocoa

Wyeast Irish Ale Yeast

I know that the lactose is unfermentable. I am not sure about the Chocolate.

I am concerned about bottle bombs so I re-pitched some Muntons dry yeast. Absolutely nothing resulted. It is stuck on 1.030. What do you think? Is it done? Another week and I am ready to bottle.
I recently brewed an oatmeal stout that crapped out on me at 1.026 (OG 1.055). I believe it was due to an accidental high mash temp for 10-15 minutes (gotta be careful with those direct-fire mash tuns!). I tried swirling up the yeast... nothing. I think trying yeast nutrient is more for extract batches because there should be plenty of nutrients for yeast in an AG batch. I decided to water it down a point or two and bottle. It tastes great, but is a little thick and only 3.5%ABV.

If you've tried raising the temperature a little, swirling up the yeast, etc., I'd bet it's done. I think the lactose (and possibly the cocoa?) brought your unfermentables up. My oatmeal stout's grain bill was similar to yours and I was surprised at how chocolatey and coffee-y it was without any cocoa or lactose.
Cocoa won't make any difference in the FG, there are no sugars to speak of in it.

Sounds like high mash temperatures. How long has it been at 1.030? Over a week & you can bottle safely.
It has been about 8 days at 1.030. I looked at my notes and it looks like I held the mash at 155 degrees for an hour. Did a mash out with boiling water and two equal sparges. I did get the grain bed up to around 170 with the mash out and the sparges. I think that I will give it another week and then bottle.
Been away but I wanted to give credit to who I got the recipe from. I used CBBaron's Oatmeal Stout recipe and adapted it to a Chocolate Stout.