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balto charlie

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Nov 17, 2005
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Greetings: In the old days(80's) I use to start my siphoning with tygon tubing and plastic clamps. It is much softer than the PVC tubing I currently have. The tygon was easier to clamp and start a siphon. The PVC is too stiff to clamp with those plastic tube clamps. I can do it but it's much harder. I know about the auto siphon top but they do not fit some of my BIG mouth carboys I use for secondary fermentation. Any homebrew stores sell tygon. What other siphon methods are used. Thanks Charlie
us plastics.com has Tygon tubing. Great company too. As far as other siphoning methods, the autosiphon is all I have heard about from the standard suck on a tube (which is taboo). The carboy caps make for a great positive pressure siphon start. One hole has the dip tub, the other you apply pressure through a in-line air filter and once siphon starts let it take outside air. Or if you are going into a carboy from your kettle, the carboy cap can have a slight vacuum from tubing and sucking to start the siphon from the kettle. This way after the siphon starts nothing can go back in because the air is blowing out of the hole as beer fills the carboy.
Thanks Guys: I "now" realize what auto siphon is!! I thought it was those red caps that are put on top of the carboy w/ 2 holes. One for the cane the other for air "in". I didn't like that idea. I will have to check out the auto siphon next time in the LMBS. Thanks for the usplastic link. Charlie

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