Ultrabarrier tubing won't stay on Blichmann beer gun

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Jan 4, 2024
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The Blichmann Beer Gun came with a 10-foot 3/16" ID PVC tubing liquid line. One end attaches to the keg via a QD; the other end pushes onto the open end of the steel beer gun tubing without the use of a clamp, as seen in the photo.
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I decided to upgrade the line to 3/16" ID Ultrabarrier tubing. Much to my surprise, even tho the tubing has the same ID as the PVC line, it slowly slips off the metal tube on the back of the gun. I tried using a hose clamp on it. Even that wouldn't work. I'm using low pressure - under 10 PSI - when filling, so it's not like the pressure is pushing it off. It even slides off under no pressure. I finally got it to stay on by clamping it with an Oetiker clamp, but that's not a good solution because I need to remove the clamp after every use for cleaning and sanitizing. Have any of you come across this? I thought about roughing up the end of the steel tubing so it holds better but wondered if anyone out there has a better idea . -Rich
Bobby M,
How about the other end of the 3mm ID EVAbarrier tubing... what size barb should I use with my flared QD fitting?