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Feb 20, 2005
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Ok, so pretend that I was stupid for a few minutes on brewday and in the confusion of how to get one thing from the brewpot into the carboy I forgot that I wanted to keep a lot of other things out (grain, hop rests, chocolate bits, etc.) How much will having pretty much everything that was in the brewpot now in my carboy? Should I rack to secondary ASAP (it's been 4 days now)? Or is it already too late? It had a furious fermentation for two days and now it's been bubbling consistently every 45 seconds. Any thoughts would be more than I've got.
Mar 2, 2005
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Columbus, MS.
It can't hurt to rack to secondary now. If it's initial surge is over put it in the secondary. I have transfered to secondary a couple of times with only four days of primary. There is no draw back to this. If you really care to clean it up, rack to secondary now and then to tertiary in another four days or so. I guess that would depend on if you have another carboy laying around. You could go back to the primary container if you like. Then you get into the plastic vs. glass issue (if you did in fact use plastic for primary). Well, in short... go to secondary now!

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