This ^%$#@ Keg won't seal!!!

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Jul 6, 2007
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Knoxville TN
Hey guys I got several used kegs from kegconnections and two work great but the third won't hold pressure consistently. It's my fault for not testing it but I thought with the new O-rings it would seal properly.

The odd thing is that the leak is from the seal on the lid. I have to monkey with it while presurizing to get it to seal. Any tricks i don't know about?

I've got one like that...I feel your pain! To get it to seal, I've got to hit it hard with Co2, at least 30PSI. Once sealed, I can carefully ease it down to serving pressure.

If you haven't already, try reversing the lid 180 degrees, sometimes they only want to seal in one direction.
yeah, i have one like that also, have to monkey with the lid every time I use it, tweek it once or twice before it gets a good tight seal. I would inspect the rim of the keg if I were you, also, to see if there is any damage there that is causing it to not seal correctly, a dent, etc.
bradsul said:
Some keg lube should help too. I have one that won't seal unless it has a good coating. Then no problems at all.

Thanks for all the tips! I did use the O-ring lube but I used it conservatively. I did not really inspect the "rim":cross: maybe thats the problem. I'll try reversing the lid as well.

I had this problem with a keg I bought from ebay. I sent him some pictures and he sent me back this. I bent the dings back with channellocks and now it seals. Mayby your rim looks similar? ;)
BlindLemonLars said:
If you haven't already, try reversing the lid 180 degrees, sometimes they only want to seal in one direction.

I have a 7-up keg that only wants to seal if the lid goes on one way.
Keg lube on the o-ring might help.
also, Williams sells fat o-rings that supposedly seal better on 'worn' kegs.
Try picking the keg up by the lid bail and giving it a couple of quick turns, back and forth. The weight of the keg and beer will help the lid find the sweet spot quickly. I do this after pressurizing the keg and spraying some StarSan on the lid. Lift it and twist until the foaming, gurgling stops.

i would highly recommend to leak test before you put beer in the keg in the future.

now, something that I have noticed also causes leaks, is buildup underneath the keg sealing area of the lid, where the gasket pushes up against. some kegs that i have, when i run my fingers underneath the lip, i feel crusty buildup. i carefully try using bar keepers friend and a green scrubby to take it off. if anything is still stuck there, i gently use a screwdriver to get all the crusty stuff out, then go over again with bar keepers friends, and a good rinse.
Well I did get a bit lazy with this one but it was very clean so that is not the issue. I'll check the metal around the rim and try some of the other tricks if it loses seal again the next time I tap it.

Also I force carbed it but it has'nt been on the gas long enough to get into. I just tried a glass because it is my first lager.

Thanks again for all the great info