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Hey if you guys ever need/want a guest writer I'd like to throw my name in the hat. Here's my CV:
  • I've been brewing since 2008 (15 years)
  • I have a bachelors degree in creative writing
  • I'm a BJCP certified judge
  • I work in the nuclear industry and have a strong technical and scientific background and can cross between technical and creative well.
  • I write technical papers routinely for work
  • I travel all over the world for work. In the past 12 months I've been in:
    • Tunisia
    • Scotland
    • South Africa
    • Colombia
    • Brazil
    • Wales
    • India
And I tried beer in each of these countries from local establishments whenever possible
  • I've previously written a couple articles for HBT, as well as homebrew supply (which has since been purchased by MoreBeer)
  • Long ago, I briefly had my own blog The Ask-O-Matic which is still lurking in the cobwebs of the internet. I did random research questions, hiking gear advice, and homebrewing articles. I'd enjoy writing an article here and there again.
If not, no worries, I'll enjoy the content y'all are creating.


Message me at [email protected] - that way it would be easier and better to keep the conversation together and coherent. Thanks so much for the interest!
Unfortunate, sad news to report yesterday - Mount Gretna Craft Brewery has announced they are closed immediately.

Mount Gretna Craft Brewery in Palmyra Announces Closing - THE BEER THRILLERS

I was always a big fan of the brewery and enjoyed my stops when out in the Palmyra area. We wish to extend condolences and hope for the best and brightest future endeavors for all involved.
This is our most ambitious Battle of the Breweries yet! We are doing a 160 brewery tournament in a similar fashion to that of the World Cup instead of March Madness this year.

Our first year in 2021 we did 48 breweries, last year in 2022 we did 128 breweries, and now this year in 2023 we are ramping it up to 160 breweries competing to see who can call themselves The Beer Thrillers Champion!

Read here for more details:

The Battle of the Breweries (2023) - THE BEER THRILLERS

Voting will start Monday, February 27th 2023 around 8:30 AM.