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Jul 12, 2017
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So I've started up a blog about beer reviews, home brewing, hop growing, and working in a brewery. And while bored at work today, I came up with a win/win for myself and a lot of people..... sampling and critiquing and reviewing home brew from many of you here!

The blog can be found here:

My thinking is this, I'll review your home brew, and talk about its style, and any other introduction notes you want me to discuss (you as the brewer, your brewing style/thoughts/philosophy, your brewing region, your experience in brewing, the name of your home brewery, etc) and then give an honest and hopefully helpful critiquing and reviewing of your beer.

It'll help to give you some exposure if you're interested in that. It'll help give me practice reviewing and critiquing beer (especially home brews) as I'm working my way through BJCP judging and want to get better at that as well.

So I definitely foresee this as a win-win for everyone involved. It helps me with my BJCP and my blog, it helps you get critiques/reviews, and it helps you get exposure. If interested, you can PM me here and reply in this thread.

All thoughts and comments can also go here in the thread. And please check out my blog and give me any thoughts and critiques of your home! I'm definitely down for as much feedback as I can get!


-Bender Brewing
-B. Kline
Hi @Bender_Braus_Brewing I wouldn't take the lack of responses from homebrewers personally. Essentially, you're offering to do what any competition does - evaluate a homebrewer's beer and give feedback. You are offering to do it for free, where there is usually a nominal fee for competitions. But the competitions also offer medals and sometimes prizes. Also, the competitions are anonymous, which your evaluation wouldn't be, and they are done in pairs, so not just your evaluation but at least one other judge.

Best of wishes with your blog, writing about beer and brewing can be great fun.
So, we send you beer and you tell us if you like it? ;)
Well, that would be the gist of it. I thought the 'exposure' and reviews and stuff would be helpful, but as Pappers said above, I guess not.

If anyone wants to do it, I'm still willing to do it.

I understand (with how Pappers put it) why some wouldn't. Just thought I'd throw the idea out there for people. I know when I brew I like to get as many people around me to drink it and give me their thoughts. But I understand the want for medals/trophies/what have you. To each their own.

All in good fun and I hope everyone has fun with their brewing and enjoys my blog.