Thanks for all the advice

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Nov 8, 2007
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Naples, FL
Thanks to all of you brewers for the good advice I've been getting the last few months.

I am now bottling a 5 gallon batch about every 10 days and am getting far enough ahead that I don't even think twice about letting one sit around for a while before drinking - just makes em better.

Best advice I've gotten so far is patience.

Using StarSan is a close second.

Second favorite advice was the technique of dry-hopping. I'm a dry-hopping fool these days and the aroma coming off of my ales is a testament. I do need some larger fermentors so I can fit in more hops; had one batch - the Dude's SNCA clone, where I had to stuff in the last of the three Oz of hops all the way to the top - I just don't worry anymore, they eventually got wet and the beer is fantastic - I had to use a heat gun on a long plastic spoon handle to get the curve to stir em around now and again.

Third fave is planning. I've nearly mastered the gravity thing and the bitterness thing; I like using yeast starters and use big ones now - my fermentations are real noticable in about an hour - shooting for that high degree of attenuation.

The flavor and depth of the ales I'm producing is fantastic and I am learning to appreciate those delicate nuances. Now I've got to learn to reproduce the beers that I liked the best - and get some pictures.

Thanks again