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I have lost the exact recipe that I used, but this is almost exactly the same. I used 5 lbs. of pineapple instead of 4. I also added an extra 1/2 lb. of malt extract to make it a little darker. If I did it again I would use 4 lbs of pineapple but keep the extra malt. It's important to note that the pineapple doesn't really make it sweet. It's the extra malt that is going to do that. The pineapple mainly adds a tart acidic taste, which is good IMO. If you wanted to try to make it sweeter you could add some nonfermentables in, but I like it as it is. But you asked for the pineapple recipe, so I gave it to you.


Extract and Specialty Grain
0.66 lb Light Dry Malt Extract (use Munton's and make sure it's unhopped)
5.00 lb Ultra-Light Liquid Malt Extract (I think I used Telford's, but Munton's would be better)
1.00 lb 20*L Crystal Malt

2.00 oz East Kent Goldings whole hops (13.4 AAU) for 60 minutes
1.00 oz Fuggles whole hops (5.6 AAU) for 5 minutes
1.00 oz Fuggles whole hops (5.6 AAU) dry-hopped

1.00 tsp Irish Moss
4.00 lb Fresh Pineapple
1.00 ea White Labs Irish Ale yeast
0.75 c Corn Sugar (primings)
Steep crushed crystal malt (in a muslin bag) in 2 gallons of 155*F water for 30 minutes. Sparge with 1 gallon of hot tap water, and discard grain. Bring water to boiling, remove from heat, and add extracts - stirring well to dissolve. Put back on heat and bring to a boil. After the hot break (the foam that forms on top of the wort is coagulating protein - when it breaks up and falls back into the wort is called the hot break), add 2 ounces of E.K. Goldings hops, and set your timer for 60 minutes. Add 1 tsp of irish moss for the last 15 minutes of the boil, and 1 ounce of Fuggles hops for the last 5 minutes. Chill to 70*F, transfer to sanitized fermenter, and aerate well. Pitch your yeast, and put the fermenter in the closet. Now go clean up the kitchen! =þ Ferment at 68*F for 7 days , or until kraeusen falls back into the beer. Get ready to rack to a sanitized plastic secondary. This is important, because you are now going to add fruit! Don't use a carboy for this! It will clog up and be impossible to clean! Peel and dice a 5 to 6 lb pineapple. Don't worry about contamination from the fruit - under the peel, that pineapple is sterile! Add 4 pounds of diced pineapple to your fermenter before you rack your beer into it. Add 1 ounce of dry Fuggles hops on top of the pineapple, and rack the beer on top of the whole mess. Let ferment for another 7 days, then rack to a sanitized carboy (tertiary fermenter) to clear for another week. If you want, you can fine with gelatin at this point (I usually do). Bottle with 3/4 cup of corn sugar, and condition warm for 2 weeks. Serve cool - celler temp is ideal

J. J.
It's not that bad. It's basically just regular beer + pineapple. Get past all the fancy lingo and it's just basic beer. Relax, sit back, have a homebrew.

J. J.
Sounds very interesting to me.

I haven't messed with fruit beers.

Do you actually get pineapple flavor at all or just the tartness from the acid?

My favorite beer I brew is a pale ale with LOTS of cascades. I like the citrus flavor they give.

mmmmmm...............Ice cold pabst.

If only I had a day off I could brew :D
I recently made a Mackeson's clone and used lactose to sweeten it. I also had a friend use Molasses to a dark lager that came out great. Never made anything with pineapple though.

RockJeep said:
Anybody got some recipes for a beer with a slightly sweet taste like pineapple?
Bobby Cox
I just made this for the 2nd time - and I think I've got it right this time :) Basically, it's a Texas Blonde Bock (a Bock without the Malto-Ferm) with honey and hazelnut extract added. I don't have the recipe on me here, but I'm sure your local brew supply will have a Texas Bock extract kit available. The first time I made this, I waited to add 1lb of honey and the hazelnut extract when I kegged the beer. The honey overpowered the hazelnut and the beer was just a little too sweet. This second time, I added 1/2 lb honey during the transfer to the secondary. I added the 2nd half pound and the extract directly into the keg. It is a little heavy on the hazelnut side this time, but that may mellow out over the next couple of days. It is sweet, but not too sweet... I love it!

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