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Apr 4, 2014
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Howdy all, and thanks up front for your help/patience; I'm just (starting) to get confident in brewing and apprecite the community's help a ton!

My friend is a big fan of the popular chocolate peanut butter porter "sweet baby Jesus" but his family is *highly* allergic to peanuts and he can't even have them on his breath/clothes. They're only allergic to peantus (i.e., not other nuts) and I'd love to make a non-peanut clone for my friend where I substitute the peanuts with a similar flavor. He tells me that the family has tried a ton of peanut butter substitutes and the closest thing is "sunflower butter." Is anyone using sunflower seed as flavoring in beer and/or are there other adjunt substitutes I should be considering?

Thanks in advance!
I'm allergic to peanuts as well, but I can tolerate them and peanut butter, they just give me a bad case of the itchy mouth, and in larger quantities nausea.

I do not have any experience with sunflower as a substitute, but I think almond butter would be a good substitute.