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  1. jayjay

    Chemipro San and/or Chemipro Acid - any good?

    Hi Unfortunately i live in europe and haven't got access to the seemingly amazing Star San so i am looking for an alternative Have anybody got experience with Chemipro san or Chemipro Acid, and can these work as potential substitutes for star san? Cheers
  2. jayjay

    Need advice on malt and hop substitutions

    Hi So i am just about to order the ingredients for my third batch (a New England IPA) and i would like some advice considering hop and malt substitution as the recipe i follow use some ingredients that can't find in my home country (denmark) The recipe i plan on following is this...
  3. C

    Any proven substitute for flaked wheat

    Hi all, I am going to brew a witbier this weekend, but I am struggling to find flaked wheat here. The recipe is 50% Pale Malt 2-raw // 40% flaked wheat // 10% flaked oats Anyone has already successfully substituted flaked wheat for a witbier in the past? I have seen somewhere else on the...
  4. MrYoda

    Sunflower as a substitute adjunt for peanuts?

    Howdy all, and thanks up front for your help/patience; I'm just (starting) to get confident in brewing and apprecite the community's help a ton! My friend is a big fan of the popular chocolate peanut butter porter "sweet baby Jesus" but his family is *highly* allergic to peanuts and he can't...
  5. VWBug5000

    Wheat Substitute?

    After thinking I had a gluten allergy for the last few years, it turns out I am only allergic to wheat. Barley and Rye are totally good. Looking for suggestions on what I should substitute for wheat in a wheat based style (Witbeir, Hef's, Whites). Any ideas?