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Jun 12, 2012
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Hey guys, so like many of you ive built an inexpensive stirplate using a USB powered PC fan, a fender washer and some neodymium magnets. It seems to be working fine after spending a while getting the stir bar to get going from the center of the flask. Otherwise it just sits in one place and spinsalong its axis, doing not much of anything.
My question is this:

Is it ok for the stir bar to be throwing air bubbles into the solution at a what i feel is a high rate. I understand this is due to a few factors, including fan speed, volume of liquid, and such. Is this something i should be concerned this about when making starters? Maybe this is a good thing, im not sure. im probably way over thinking this.

Also, is it normal for you guys to have to spend a good minute or two coaxing the stirbar into just the right spot for it to get spinning properly?

Thanks again!


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Jan 4, 2011
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West Jordan
I used to have that issue when I used a short stir bar with one particular flask. It could be your magnet spacing and/or the bottom of your flask isn't flat (concave or convex). I went with a longer stir bar with a pivot ring. I also bought a bigger flask and checked it to make sure it was as flat as possible. Mine hooks up the second on put the flask on there and I can't remember the last time it threw a bar.