SS Brewtech Keg Washer (WaSsher)

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Jul 24, 2014
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I am asking my wife to get me this for my birthday... I think. Does anyone have experience using it to clean something other than kegs? I would like to find a way of automatically cleaning my SS Chronical as well. Seems to me, after cleaning kegs, I could possibly manipulate the parts and clean my Chronical, but I don’t know for sure. Asking if anyone has this washer, and is familiar enough with the specific parts with which it comes.

Here’s my idea:
1. Take out the pump (is that possible?) and put it alone in a bucket of PBW solution.
2. Disconnect the CIP ball (is that possible?) and somehow attach it to my Chronical lid (again... is that possible?) Would involve attaching it via tri clamp somehow, but I don’t know what fitting comes on this particular ball.
3. Then, I would connect the CIP to the pump with tubing, and set up “out” tubing from both the bottom valve and racking valve of the Chronical, circulating back into the bucket.

If I have to buy a separate CIP microball and tri clamp I can do, that’s not too expensive. Actually, one that connects to the FTSs lid somehow would be excellent! Then I suppose I could use the same pump from the Keg WaSsher to do so, right?

As always, thanks for the advice, and cheers!



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Dec 19, 2011
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My .02...

I love my keg washer (it's a DIY, not the SSBrewTech one) because I cant get my arm inside my kegs for cleaning and it also washes the tubes out.

I do have a CIP setup for my Chronical and it works good too, BUT.... I find its faster and easier to just use a sponge with a bucket of warm water/PBW (not a lot).

FWIW, this is my CIP in action on my Chronical:

And my post on the topic: