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  1. micraftbeer

    CIP Ball- Who has a good process?

    I recently got a CIP spray ball, curious if there was some magic there that made cleaning my kettle or fermentor easier. I've tried it once so far, and realized that as simple as it seems, it definitely needs the right process to make it worthwhile. In my attempt, I was hauling buckets of...
  2. jordanpace

    For Sale 1BBL All Electric Brew Machine - DFW/North East Texas

    1 bbl RIMS all electric brew system. 3 MARCH pumps, plumbed with copper and stainless valves. Uses BCS-462 to control brewing operation. iPad touch screen for interface. Blichmann kettles and Heat Exchanger. Lots of extras not listed, but feel free to PM and ask. Includes 2 false bottoms for...
  3. R

    SS Brewtech Keg Washer (WaSsher)

    I am asking my wife to get me this for my birthday... I think. Does anyone have experience using it to clean something other than kegs? I would like to find a way of automatically cleaning my SS Chronical as well. Seems to me, after cleaning kegs, I could possibly manipulate the parts and clean...
  4. M

    Massachusetts Spike Conical parts - Carb Stone and CIP Ball

    Carb Stone - used once - New cost = $65 Selling for $40 CIP Ball - never used New cost = $55 Selling for $35 Both Items can be picked...
  5. Brewers Hardware

    Brewers Hardware Head Start on Spring Cleaning Sale!

    We want to make sure you guys are ready for some Springtime brewing, so for the entire month of February, we are offering 15% OFF all Wort Strainers and CIP Spray Balls! Our Wort Strainers come in a few different sizes depending on batch size. If you need help picking the right one for you, give...
  6. I

    Pin style vs. threaded CIP balls?

    Hi all, I am in the market for a CIP ball, and am a little confused as to exactly why "pin style" connections are a thing. I can't find any information anywhere else online, so I'm hoping someone here can shed some light. For some context, here are examples of the two styles: Threaded...
  7. U

    Illinois Cleaning and other Brewing Parts - $125

    Purging equipment from recent upgrades -pictures of each item below: CIP Spray Ball - ss brewtech - 3" triclamp with 1/2" NPT $30 2 Butterfly valves - brewers hardware 1.5" triclamp - $45/each or both for $80 PENDING - Ball valve - ss brewtech 3 piece with 1.5" triclamp and 3/4" NPT $35...
  8. J

    Cleaning New Spike CF10 Before 1st Use

    As i anxiously await the arrival of my new Spike CF10 (TOMORROW!) - I'm wondering about cleaning and sanitizing before my first use. In all the excitement of the conical, temp control and other bells and whistles, I neglected to get a CIP ball. I don't want to let this thing sit idle any...
  9. Surly_goat

    SS Chronical Brewmaster Cip

    Hey Guys Getting ready to build my next setup. I'm thinking I'm going to go with a Chronical Brewmaster for fermentor. I'm just curious if anyone has one that they clean primarily with CIP. I've had great results cleaning Sankety fermentors and cornies in the past with a 1/4 HP sump and CIP...
  10. Joe_CraftBeerTraders

    CIP Demonstration on an SsBrewtech 14gal Unitank

    I did a few searches on here for CIPs and while there is information about building one and what type of pumps were bought, they were all a little dated (pre 2017). So I figured I would make a video of what our CIP setup looks like on our 14gal Unitank. Parts: Ssbrewtech Mini CIP with 3" TC...