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  1. R

    SS Brewtech Keg Washer (WaSsher)

    I am asking my wife to get me this for my birthday... I think. Does anyone have experience using it to clean something other than kegs? I would like to find a way of automatically cleaning my SS Chronical as well. Seems to me, after cleaning kegs, I could possibly manipulate the parts and clean...
  2. BitterSweetBrews

    I made a Keg / Carboy washer out of a utility pump.

    I had a 1/4 hp utility pump lying around. I bought it in December when I had water in my basement while I was waiting 6 weeks for the waterproofers to put drain tile and a sump pump in. Since I hope to never use it again as a water mitigator I decided to re-purpose it into a Keg washer. It...
  3. J

    semi automatic keg washer

    Hi guys I've seen a post from a brewer for a while, mentioning a semiautomatic keg washer DIY building by self or another brewer. Also, he mencionated a web page -, yes, in here!. where, in it, he explained in detail how to build, parts to buy and how to...
  4. U

    Illinois homebrewing equipment

    Marks keg washer 22 oz bottle washer $45 Ball valve - 3 piece with triclamp and 3/4" NPT $35 Garden hose couplings (used for triclamp on plate chiller to quickly connect hoses) $15 2 Fermentation Chambers - 2" R-10 walled with computer fan for cooling circulation. A temperature control...
  5. P

    keg washing. why 2 valves on the coupler?

    is there is reason why they add 2 shut off valves on the coupler? I know with one is to not lose your C02 but why the other one. is it necessary?
  6. P

    pump size for a Keg washer?

    In the process to build a sankey keg washer and I was wondering what is the recommended pump size for the job. I already have chugger pump but I was told and won't do the job. I found this one: Also, does it matter if I keg wash more than 1...