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  1. I

    Can I make beer in fermenter whilst wet after cleaning?

    Hey, Just wondering if I am able to start making my next batch straight after cleaning with chemicals and then rinsing. So whilst the fermenter is still wet. Or do I need to wait until the fermenter is dry? Thanks!
  2. micraftbeer

    CIP Ball- Who has a good process?

    I recently got a CIP spray ball, curious if there was some magic there that made cleaning my kettle or fermentor easier. I've tried it once so far, and realized that as simple as it seems, it definitely needs the right process to make it worthwhile. In my attempt, I was hauling buckets of...
  3. Garrett_McT

    Poor Cleaning Plan for Stainless Steel Kettles

    Before people beat me over the head, I know I am an idiot. So I let my two 7 gal stainless steel kettles with double ports, two bazooka screens, and a hop spider sit half rinsed for a week covered with lids. Mostly due to laziness, then getting sick and postponing. I was wondering if anyone...
  4. B

    Bottle: What's this and why won't it come off?

    So I cracked one of my Dubbels after 2 weeks carbonation to see how they're getting on. And after rinsing and shaking right after, oxi cleaner soak with brush inside after even attempted a dishwasher I can't get these marks off. It's like cloudy white specs but in rings then goes up with gaps...
  5. I

    StarSan (ChemSan) just mixed yet PH is bad

    Hi, I bought a 5 litre bottle of water to mix my StarSan(ChemSan) in 10ml of starsan to 5 litres of water. That lasted 3 batches in the space of around a year or 2. I checked the PH level today and it was at 4 so I emptied it out (apparently it needs to be under 3.5 to be effective) I...
  6. N

    Stains fermenter

    Hey, I bottled my first brew with my Grandfather Conical Fermenter the other day, and I cleaned it ASAP. I rinsed it, rubbed it with a sponge, and soaked it for about 24h with Grainfather's cleaning product, but a few stains seemed to remain. So I soaked it again for about a day, and they're...
  7. S

    Cleaning silicone tri-clamp gaskets

    After my first fermentation in my unitank, a few of the white silicone gaskets (particularly in the dump valve area and the racking area) were stained pretty green. After scrubbing with PBW (and sanitizing with Star San), they are still greenish and even still giving off a hop odor. Is there a...
  8. R

    SS Brewtech Keg Washer (WaSsher)

    I am asking my wife to get me this for my birthday... I think. Does anyone have experience using it to clean something other than kegs? I would like to find a way of automatically cleaning my SS Chronical as well. Seems to me, after cleaning kegs, I could possibly manipulate the parts and clean...
  9. K

    Keep it Clean - Maintaining your Home Brewery for Beginners

    As a new homebrewer you will soon find that most of your time is spent cleaning and maintaining your equipment. In this article I will attempt to explain some ways you can keep your new home brewery clean and infection free, as well as the difference between cleaning and sanitizing. There are...
  10. I

    StarSan cloudy after 1 day in bottled water

    Hey there, I have bought a large 5 litre shop bought bottle of water and I heard that this should keep my StarSan(ChemSan) from going cloudy for a while after using it. I mixed 10ml of StarSan into the 5 litres of water (as instructed on the bottle and from videos on youtube) I then used my...
  11. I

    Only StarSan for cleaning?

    Hi very quick question. I have some VWP steriliser and some ChemSan (StarSan). When cleaning my equipment can I only use the ChemSan? Or do I need to first use the steriliser? What's the point of sterilising (VWP) when sanitising (ChemSan) is easier? Thanks
  12. I

    Only StarSan(ChemSan)? and how should I use it?

    I have watched many videos on youtube on how to use StarSan (ChemSan) but I am still quite confused.. I would really appreciate if someone would tell me EXACTLY what to do so that I don't mess anything up. For example sometimes I see people draining the bubbles, sometimes they don't. I'm...
  13. K

    Cleaning/Maintenance of a 10+ gal System

    I've been looking to upgrade from a 5 gal all grain system to a 10+ gal system. I work on a three tiered gravity setup at the moment and it's very simple to maintain. The more I look at larger systems, the more I think "how the hell do you clean this thing?". So how does everyone end up cleaning...
  14. S

    Cleaning and sanitizing kombucha kegs

    A question for the kombucha keggers. What are you using to clean and sanitize your kegs? Iodophor or star san for sanitizing? Is washing them with hot water and synthetic vinegar enough? Do you use PBW to clean the kegs?
  15. R

    Cleaning old, OLD kegs

    A friend donated to me a couple 5-gallon pin lock kegs that he hasn’t used in years. I gathered it has been something like 8-10 years. There is a tad bit of beer left in one, and the other is almost half full. Besides questioning my friend’s sanity for leaving a keg of homebrew unfinished, what...
  16. S

    Kombucha Kegging and Sanitizing

    Hi guys, I'm a home brewer thinking of selling my kombucha on a small scale for the moment. I'm planning on using corny kegs to store my kombucha for 2F(also probably to force carbonate). Have been trying to find information on sanitizing my kegs and lines but it's been hard to come by. Any...
  17. H

    Unremovable stains after stainless steel passivation

    Hi guys, So I've found one of these passivation methods on the internet which includes using a higher ratio of Bar Keeper's Friend. You basically make a paste using 1:2 water to BKF ratio (I might've used kinda 1:3, not sure though). I've used this method on my electric brewery (local-made...
  18. J

    Rusted bottle capper

    Hi! From my last brew/bottling day I used Oxiclean to clean all my brewing equipment instead of PBW. This weekend I intend to bottle the batch that is fermenting right now, and while I was making sure I had everything ok, i noticed my bottle caper got rusted. Do you guys recommend using it...
  19. DrGarbonzo

    OxyClean +1

    Old keg with brown beer stains and stained dip tube. OxyClean Free was the perfect deep clean. I let it sit overnight.
  20. O

    5 gallon glass Mason jar cleaning after used for pocket change feasible?

    Hey is it worth cleaning and installing an airlock to a 5 gallon glass container for homebrewing after it's been half full of pennies? Is it possible to remove residue entirely using bleach, vinegar, soap, and elbow grease? Keep in mind the pennies were thrown in, potentially scratching the...