SS Brewtech 7 Gal Unitank 1.0

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May 31, 2018
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Was able to get my hands on 2 SS Brewtech 7 Gal Unitank 1.0s. Lovely pieces of equipment, but not a ton of info available for these things. I've read up what I can on here, the rest of Google, and watched YouTube videos etcs, but I have a question.

When dumping trub, should I always add some CO2 from the blowoff valve? I did for my first batch. But last night, for my second batch, I closed the blowoff valve and opened the valve, but when I closed it after dumping I could hear bubbles going into the unitank. I'm assuming I just pumped some O2 right into my beer. Perfect lol.

Feel free to add any tricks or things you've picked up over time from using these tanks. Or any Unitank in general. I'm guessing all the principles are the same.

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Just an update on dumping trub, in case anyone searches for this in the future.

1. It's definitely smart to add CO2 to the Unitank. 2-4 psi is all. It prevents suck back, keep O2 out and helps push trub out of the Unitank.

2. Add a 1/2" barb and use silicone tubing to condense the trub. Much easier to control where you want it to end up.

3. GO SLOW. You may only get a cup or so of trub at a time, but that's ok. You can do it multiple times. It usually starts coming out like a paste (think toothpaste), then thins as beer starts to mix and come out.

That's all I got for now, from personal experience. Love the Unitanks so far!

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