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Feb 7, 2008
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I don't get to go out much (most consumption is done at home)but when I do here are the places that I like.
Since I'm leaving the the area I will start with Galveston TX. Mollly's and O'Malleys are top notch. They face each other which makes it convenient.

I've been to the Gingerman in Houston and Fort Worth Loved them both!
The Gingerman Fort Worth will soon be my new Favorite since that is where I will be moving to.

The Portsmouth Brewery Downstairs is awesome!

A place in League City TX called called Molly's is cool. But once you had every tap the rotation does not change often like a Gingerman. But still a fun place, BIG ASS BEER NITE! says it all.

There are a few others that I frequent on occassion but the selections aren't that great but fun places still, Galveston VFW; Jack and coke please, The Spot; Fat tire please, and Woody's on the seawall.

Anywhere Abita is served in louisiana which is everywhere is where to go there.

I almost forgot B&J's Brewery Webster Bay area I hear the beer is now made by St. Arnold's; that is not a bad thing.