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Dec 4, 2007
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Buffalo, NY
Now I know the probable answer to this is to RDWHA....well at least a commercial brew until mine is ready, but I'm impatient and paranoid.

I brewed my first batch about 3 1/2 weeks ago, a english style brown ale. Partial mashed w/ 2 lbs 2-row and 1 lb of crystal(60L), 6 lbs of DME. NB for bittering, Willamette for aroma.

I left it in primary a little longer than I wanted, about 2 1/2 weeks. Tasted fantastic at bottling. Used about 2/3 cup of corn sugar for priming.

I tried one today after one week in the bottle(too soon I know), and it has a sharp, straight-up soap flavor, no mistake.

I sanitized w/ Star San so I think I can discount that variable. The sample I tasted at bottling time was clean as a whistle, not a hint of any off flavors.

Anybody have any similar situation? Should I just chill and let it age awhile?

Thanx in advance.
From your ingredients and process, I don't know where a soapy taste would come from. Maybe it was a freak thing like a soapy glass? I'd let it wait for a while and I'll bet everything will be fine.
It sounds like your process is fine. Just give it some time before you judge it. Three weeks in the bottle is a rough minimum before tasting. It sounds to me like a bit of yeast bite, which is going to fade away if you condition those bottles for a couple of more weeks.