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Texas Single Tier BCS Gas RIMS Brewstand and Keggles For Sale

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Jan 18, 2011
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I'm changing to electric brewing and need to sell my current gas brewstand. It is a complete working brewery (except the pumps, you need to supply 2 march/chugger pumps.)


It's a welded 2" square tube design stand similar to the BRUTUS 10. It has a separate gas manifold so no worries about leaky welds. The stand is currently setup for LP propane, but could be switched to natural gas by replacing the orifaces in the burners. It uses Honeywell gas valves with pilot flame sensors to control the MT and HLT burners, so it is safer than the original BRUTUS design.

Control panel:

The panel is built around the BCS 460. The MLT and HLT each have auto or manual control. There are 2 push buttons on the panel that can be used by the BCS if desired. There is also a flashing buzzer. Currently I have the BCS connected to a router and slide an ipad into the brackets on the front of the control panel. The brackets just use adhesive tape so they can be easily reconfigured or removed. There is also an ethernet port on the bottom of the control panel to connect to the BCS if desired in place of the router. (ipad not included)



The burners are 3 Bayou Classic BG14 Banjo Burners. The HLT and MLT burners have pilot lights and pilot light flame sensors. The BK burner has a needle valve to control the flame. All burners are setup for LP propane.


The kettles are converted kegs (keggles). All fittings are dimpled and silver soldered. No leaks! All exterior fittings use camlock fittings. The plumbing is 1/2" silicone tubing. There are extra fittings on some of the kettles from previous system designs, namely a HERMS coil in the HLT and a built in immersion chiller in the BK. These are closed off with plugs. MLT has brewhardware false bottom. It probably should have a support installed underneath it as some bending of the false bottom has occurred from larger brews.








Chiller Convolutus from Morebeer. 1/2" FPT fittings.


Pumps pictured are not included as I plan to reuse them. I will include the fittings for the pumps though.

Located in Houston, TX. Local pickup only at this time. I am willing to brew with you on this stand to show you how it works and answer any questions you might have. I designed and built this from the ground up and it has made some amazing beer.

Asking $2500. Open to offers though as well. This stand cost me well over $3500 to put together, not to mention the labor costs for someone else to do it

Additional and HiRes pictures: http://imgur.com/a/swFGf