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Jan 29, 2008
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:fro: Hello all, NOOB here. I have done probable 6 batches or so. I have done a Pale that has been in primary for 17 days. Although still bubbling it has reached it's target FG. THing is, I brewed this for a camp trip that i leave for tomorrow. Should I rack to secondary for a night and then keg tomorrow? Will it help get it off the yeast and debris? Is it worth it? Thanks a bunch!!
I'm a noob too but from my understanding so far it is more important to make sure the Gravity has leveled out as apposed to it just reaching it's Suspected FG. Just cause it reached it's Suspected FG doesn't mean it won't keep going right? Wouldn't want a bomb in your vehicle on the way to the campsite.
Thanks! You are quite right. I am guessing a keg bomb in the back would be a problem.

So I should wait to see if it keeps going? It has been in there for so much longer than any other beer i have done.

Besides possible explosion, is there any health concerns I should know about. I am pretty tempted to keg it now and deal with the possibilities. Honestly if I siphon of the yeast cake, whats the chances of having a enough pressure to pop that keg? :drunk:
I siphon from primary to keg a lot. There's no problem, especially if it's been 17 days and you have reached terminal gravity (as per your hydrometer).

IF you accidentally siphon yeast into the keg, that's not a problem. It's if you siphon beer that still has fermentable sugars that is the problem.

For my current routine, I do 14-17 days in primary…rack to keg, and force carb.

You’ll be fine if you do the same.
The brew will still taste green but putting it in the keg isn't a problem.