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Jan 15, 2005
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Anyone know off-hand what size shank would be used in a 3" diameter draft tower?
I'm acquiring my kegging equipment and found a sweet deal on a single faucet tower, but I know I'm going to need more than that.
If I'm totally wrong that a shank is even what I need, be nice, I'm still a nOOb! :p

I don't think you need a shank. The faucet screws into the tower and the lines run inside the tower. There are different ways the lines connect, but usually there's a nipple that you hose clamp it to.

Shanks are for going through a board or something. We have this nice piece of redwood that our taps are on. The shank runs through the board, the line connects to the back and the faucet screws to the front. The shank is just a threaded short piece of pipe, really.

If you take a look at the fittings on the tower, it should be pretty straightforward. Good luck! Sounds fun :)
You don't need a shank for a tower. If you'd like some ideas for making a kegerator with towers, try this freezer chest kegerator guide. My friend did the conversion and I bugged him about writing up instructions :)