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Michigan Sabco Brew Magic in Michigan.

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Oct 22, 2015
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What we have here is a Sabco Brew Magic re-circulating mash infusion Brewery System. Great for a home-brewery system, but several pros have started with these same systems. Fully programmable gas/electric mash temperature controlled. Use the gas to get up to temp quick and the electronic heater to fine tune it and maintain mash temps. Currently set up for 20lb Propane tanks but it also has a natural gas conversion kit. Made many great brews with this, the problem is that it makes to much at once and I am no longer able to drink beer at the necessary capacity. Have some other equipment to go with it such as a stainless steel mash paddle, 4 ball lock corny kegs, hop screen, Speidel 60L/15.9 gal fermenter, ‎Blichmann Beer Gun (original/unused) and what ever else I think I wont use with current mead making projects.
Moving on to shipping, It is located in my walk out basement, it may prove difficult to get out if we get a lot of snow, If you have help it could come up that stairs, but I would not recommend it. I also have a truck and a covered trailer I will haul it local for free or we can work something out for a greater distance, I would expect to be paid in advance before I haul it long distance.
Asking $5000.00, will consider trades/part for welding/metal working equipment or will listen to what ever you have.


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