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Texas Electric Homebrewing Set-up - $100 local p/u DFW, TX - SOLD

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BeerFather Brewing

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Feb 22, 2009
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Kramerica, USA
Unfortunately time to get out of the hobby. No more homebrewing, at least not on the scale of this system. So, I present for your consideration a full electric homebrewing set-up. See pics. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Used primarily for both BIAB & all-grain brewing
  • 1 15g Electric mash tun / boil kettle with 5500W element & false bottoms, basket
  • 1 9g Electric mash tun / boil kettle with 5500W element & false bottom
  • 220V, 5500W elements
  • Digital temperature connectors
  • March pump with stainless steel head & ¾” inlet
  • 30L / 7.9 gallon Spiedel frementer
  • 60L / 15.9 gallon Spiedel fermenter
  • 2.5 gallon glass carboy with handle
  • 1 electric brewing controller from High Gravity Brewing (EBC-SV)
  • Customized brew cart from Harbor Freight with locking drawer (keys included) with groovy brewing stickers (no extra charge!)
  • 2 mash paddles (1 wood, 1 stainless steel)
  • I have some other Homebrew equipment that I will "donate" with the above items if you buyer wants them (other fermenters, stainless fittings, stainless QD’s, copper fittings, Blichmann Beer Gun).


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