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Aug 3, 2006
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Whitehouse Station
There's no way you can apply 60Kbtu to a mash tun. My burners are 60-70k but I run them as low as possible which I'd have to guess is 30k. However, a flame of 30k translates to more like 20k in effective btu due to all the heat that licks up the side. I suspect an element surrounded by liquid is getting you more like 95% efficiency. I'm not suggesting that an element can be just as fast but if you have the circulation flow at max and the temp coming out of the HEX is at set temp, you have a much better shot at it.

The other thing that I'm thinking is that even at 1gpm, you'd cycle the whole liquid volume of the mash through the HEX at least twice in 10 minutes and expose most of the enzymes to 168F short short periods even if they cool back off in the mashtun. How long does it take to denature at that temp?

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