Reducing Haze in Beer Aged on Pumpkin

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Apr 2, 2008
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Im planning on briefly aging an already carbonated and ready to serve ESB with pieces of roasted pumpkin in a bung sided keg for one to two weeks. Ill use a hop bag to keep larger particles from being transferred once its re-racked to 1/6 BBLS, but im concerned about smaller particles and haze ruining the clarity of the beer.

I plan on cutting off the rind of the pumpkin in attempt to reduce tannins, and aging the keg at an angle so any particulates settle away from the bottom of the stem, but im wondering if anyone might recommend any sort of finings to help with the clarity?

The beer has already been fined with gelatin but I could possibly add more, or could possibly add isinglass but i have no experience with the latter.

Thanks for any input.