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Mar 21, 2017
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I searched the threads to try and find this answer. I've seen some threads where it seemed like someone was asking a similar question, but I couldn't find any responses that directly answered the specific question I have.

I'm going to brew a simulated bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout. I plan to do primary fermentation in a SS fermenter, and then transfer it to a keg for secondary. I want the finished beer to be bottled. I'm trying to decide if I want to force carbonate it in the keg and use a beer gun to bottle it, or to not carbonate it and add priming sugar to bottle condition. I would like to set a couple of bottles away and allow them to age for another 6 months, or a year, or two.
So my question is simply: Can a force carbonated, bottled beer be aged? Will it develop more flavor with time? Or degrade? I've heard of people aging commercial barrel aged stouts for years and commenting on how much they improved, and it seems to me that at least some of the beers they're talking about are force carbonated. That would be my preferred way to do it - if it's possible. If beer's age better when they're bottle conditioned, I'll go that route.
Can't give you a direct answer but have just bottled a RIS that was mashed in Nov 2020 and kegged. It's my Black Friday brew and the first keg kicked in early 2022 and the second one I got 24 bottles done with the Tap Cooler but waited till after BF of 2022.
I've also bottle conditioned so we'll see how they go.
Barrels for some reason pull stuff(yeast , trub) into the charred area and are crystal clear after a year. I use CBC at 3-4 grams per 5 gal for a conditioning yeast and it always worked, my biggest was 14.5 (figuring a .5 increase from the barrel) and it carbed up.

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