Questions about long vertical draft line runs

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Jan 11, 2010
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My liquor cabinet/bar build keeps getting postponed, but I'm trying to do all of the necessary research and purchases for when I actually have a free half day to get it started. My goal today is to figure out what I'm doing with the lines.

I plan to run 6 lines and 2 water/glycol coolant lines a total of 10 feet (2 horizontal feet out of keezer and 8 vertical feet up through the floor and into the tower).

I'm hoping that pumping water stored in a bucket in the keezer (at the same temp as the beer) will help keep the excessive foaming to a minimum, but wanted some advice from others who have run long lines in their homes.

Below are a couple of random questions bouncing around in my head:

- Does an inline tube size reduction have a significant impact on reducing foaming?

- What will I see as far as pressure drop over a run like this?

- Is there a site/chart that shows tube size and pressure reduction? (I don't mind taking longer to pour a beer, I just want to make sure I don't over carbonate one just to get it to come out of the tap 8 feet above the keg)

I'm leaning against going with the inline reduction in tube size since it will result in a considerable increase in the budget for this build (current budget sits at $0, but I'm working on that :cross: ).

Once again, any help you guys can provide is greatly appreciated!