Pumpkin beer partial grain techniques?

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May 29, 2010
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port orchard, wa
I have just switch to partial grain (almost full grain, but cheater brew in a bag by northern brewer) and I have no clue how to implement a pumpkin beer effectively using this technique. The last pumpkin beer I made using extract, I lost about a gallon and a half of a 5 gallon batch from trub. I was able to salvage it with sugar and water, but it was pretty tramatic ;p.

I used "fresh" pumpkin from halloween that I had baked, scraped, mashed, then frozen. I am wondering if year old pumpkin is going to be an issue, and if not, how to eliminate the massive amounts of waste. Is canned/processed pumpking much finner and eliminates this, or is this avoidable?


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Jun 16, 2011
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Our first pumpkin brew we did was mashing canned pumpkin in the MT, and it was pretty good after the clove finally went away.

The last pumpkin brew we did involved mashing fresh pumpkin scraps as well as boiling some pumpkin, I dont have the notes on me for exact quantities on me, but it tasted like pumpkin juice.

If you add it to the boil, expect more trub, and account for it. If you mash it, I didn't see any more trub than a normal AG beer