potassium sorbate and k-meta + bottling

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Nov 16, 2021
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Does potassium sorbate and k-meta stop bottle carbonating?
I know if I add k-meta it is ok, but is it ok to add potassium sorbate too?
Yes. Potassium sorbate stops the yeast from replicating, and k-meta kills wild yeast. I add both to my wine and still mead. Rumor says 1 day is good enough, but I always use it and allow 3 days before I backsweeten wine or mead. If you're talking about beer, let it finish fermenting on its own. Don't stop the process in beer unless you want a sweet weak beer.
There are a lot of variables. You can't kill an active fermentation with these chemicals. They will only make active yeast do angry things like generation of sulfur. Only when the yeast is very sluggish and sleepy are these chemicals effective at preventing fermentation and carbonation. And even then... there are exceptions.
Embarrasing but for my bottled mead I didn't use potassium sorbate. I picked up some bad information and ran with it. For the kegged mead (same mead but kegged) I did use sorbate. I should taste the bottled one again. Now it has been eight weeks and four days.
Should I alarm my close ones to whom I some bottles ones as gifts, lol?