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BeerCzar I am
Sep 28, 2008
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OK, I'm building a replacement fermenter controller, but that project morphed in to possibly going all electric. Please understand I built my setup in 2004 for propane with zero automation. Heck, I still move my propane tank burner to burner...

So as I scratch my head re-boxing my pi along with relays outlets, input probes etc... for fermenting in a freezer and possibly running my kegerator... I'm forward thinking here.

Please share how you have your control panels mounted. I'm not exactly looking for glorious rig pics, but simply mounting ideas. I'll copy your ideas later, I'm trying to wrap my head around how others initially solved the basic physical interface question. I know some mount on a wall, but this seems limited. I do like to pull my rig into the driveway or garage or out in the yard (the yard will no longer happen with my electrical runs). So understanding potential cable limits of my brewing areas, what are your mounting ideas, please?

Thx as I really hadn't thought of my setup since 2005, after a back-ache brewing session, resulting in a few rig adjustments using my sawz-all.

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